Top Websites & Web 2.0 Services

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Arts & Letters Daily

Arts Journal

Audacity (sound editing freeware)


Boing Boing (interesting stories)

Box Net (online file storage)

Chatmaker (free online chat room)

Daily Apps

Digg (Net's popular articles)

Epublishers Wiki (resources for Epublishers Weekly)

Epublishers Weekly (EPW) Blog


Firefox (web browser)

Flash Card DB (make online flash cards)

Freelance Switch 101 Essential Freelance Resources



Google free eMail (Gmail)

Google News Alerts

Google News (Science and Technology)

Google Notebook

Grand Central

Internet Archive

Jott (voice to email: 1-866-JOTT-123)

Jottit (free Wiki publishing)

Kunaki (CD/DVD Publishing)

Life Hacker

Lulu (Publishing)


Make Use Of (Tech Tips)

Manny's Simple Note Cards

Media Fire (free file storage)

Meebo (web-based instant messaging; free)

Mental Floss (interesting tidbits)

MIT Open Courseware (free college courses)

New York Times

No Script (Firefox extension for security)

Open Office (free office suite)

Opera (web browser)

Page Flakes (web-based book-mark manager)

Photobucket (photo hosting)

Photojojo (photo tips and projects)

Picnik (online photo editor)

Project Gutenberg

Purl (interesting stories)

Scribe (online organizer, still in beta)

Scribd (online repository for documents)

Skype (free VOIP phone calls)

Symbaloo (web-based book-mark manager)

Tech Guy

Think Free (online alternative to MS-Office)

Vyew (free online collaboration)

Washington Post Technology section


Wired News

WordPerfect Universe



Write Board

You Tube

Zamzar ( free online file conversion )

Zoho (free web-based office suite)

Zotero (Firefox extension: Open source notes manager)

Zorba Press

changed February 13, 2008